A self-serve 2-hour team workshop that will...

  • Retain top talent

    Top talent are more likely to stay when they feel part of an effective and engaging team. This workshop will empower your team to build shared ownership for the team culture.

  • Build the culture you want

    There's a saying, "if you don't manage culture, it manages you." Don't let things just happen haphazardly. This workshop will help your team be intentional about the team culture as you enter hybrid work.

  • Boost team performance

    You want to increase velocity. This workshop will speed things up by giving your team a structured space to explore and create shared commitments to improve hybrid work.

  • Build your leadership skills

    Become the team leader your team needs. You’ll gain insights and skills to foster inclusion and engagement for your hybrid team. This is your moment to shine!

  • Take only 30-min to prepare

    It can take weeks to prepare to facilitate a conversation with your team. This plug-and-play team workshop will only take 30-min to prepare.

But, don't take my word for it.

What team managers are saying

Easy way to increase team cohesion

Violaine Yziquel - Senior Manager at Slack

"The workshop was really easy to host and to keep everyone fully engaged! We left with clear actionable norms and next steps to improve how we work together - I cannot wait to see the impact on our team cohesion and mindset!"

The team loved it!

Loïc Bertron - Software Engineering Manager

"Running the workshop was super easy, and the team loved it! We now have agreed-upon norms, which we check-in about during our regular retrospectives. As an added bonus, the workshop gave me the confidence to facilitate more open team conversation, which is helping us become more connected as a team."

It was super easy to host and we left with clear actions

Gina Jacobson - Customer Success Leader at Slack

"The workshop was a huge success! It provided a nice baseline to understand each other and get on the same page, plus we left with actionable things to do differently. It was super easy to host, and with the great video-guide I really felt like a participant."

All teams need this workshop

Yuan Zhang - Applied Science Manager at Amazon

"All teams need this workshop. The materials made it easy to have a frank conversation about how we want to work together. People were really excited to have the conversation and put the ideas into action."

Don't let this moment feel haphazard

Set an intentional culture with your team.

This is your moment

Become a thriving, high-performing hybrid team

As a team leader, you have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to redefine and rebuild how your team works together. Returning to the office is more than WFH policies and logistics. It's about connecting together, fostering experimentation, and figuring out new ways of working together.

After a year of lockdown, your team is fatigued. Your top talent may be considering leaving. We can't expect teams to just bounce back into high performance. This workshop will help you empower your team to be intentional about how they work together as they enter hybrid work. 

With some people in the office and some remote, team meetings, communication and collaboration will feel clunky. This workshop will address that clunkiness now, before it really slows your team down.

This plug-and-play workshop is best for teams...

  • with 5-30 team members

  • who will be working in a hybrid work environment, where some people will be in the office and some will be remote

  • that want to be intentional about building an inclusive & engaging team culture

Your team will walk away with...

  • shared language about what makes teams effective

  • a shared commitment on a few operating agreements to improve how the team works together in hybrid work (e.g. norms for hybrid team meetings, how to manage timezones)

  • improved team cohesion, relationships, and trust

What you (team leader) will walk away with...

  • a few tools to increase engagement and inclusion in a hybrid team

  • a research-based team effectiveness framework

  • more capability and confidence for leading team conversations

Clarify your hybrid team culture

Bring your team together to have real conversations about the team you want to be as you enter hybrid work. We make it super easy!
Screenshot of workshop session

What's included

This workshop is super easy to host for your team.

  • Welcome Video

  • Facilitation Tips Video

  • Host Preparation Guide

  • Workshop Video (to play in the session)

  • 30-min meeting with Trista as needed

Learn from the experts

We built Google's team development program

We are team culture nerds, and expert facilitators and practitioners in the team development space. Heck, we operationalized Project Aristotle at Google and built their internal team development programs. We'll share our expertise and guide you and your team into working better together.


  • Who is facilitating the workshop?

    Trista Taylor, an expert group facilitator, will guide the group via a video-recorded presentation. As the workshop host, you'll be the facilitator for the session. You'll play/pause the video as prompted and help ensure the group stays on track.

  • What does it take to host the workshop?

    It takes ~30-60min to prepare to host the session. The welcome video and prep guide will walk you through everything you need to do.

    Before the workshop: You'll watch the session video (30-min) to get an understanding for the workshop, make a copy of the Miro virtual whiteboard template, email your team with workshop details, and schedule a calendar invite for your team.

    In the workshop: you'll host the session using your favorite video conferencing tool, welcome the group, present the session video and play/pause the video as prompted. You'll also help keep the group on track and manage any breakout rooms.

  • What's the prework for participants?

    We invite participants to spend 10-minutes on a reflection worksheet. This helps your team fast-track the conversations in the session.

  • How long is the workshop?

    The workshop is 2-hours. If you have time, we recommend you book 2.5 hours on the calendar, to allow flex time just in case you need to run over.

  • What software is required?

    You'll use your favorite video conferencing tool for this virtual workshop. We also use Miro as a virtual whiteboard. Don't worry, you can do the workshop on their free plan.

Help all teams in your organization

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